Were you surprised by your prior year tax return? Did you get a large refund or owe more than you thought to the IRS?

With our tax checkup, we can project your taxes for the year by analyzing your income and deductions. Our tax projections can check to see if you are over withholding on your paycheck or if you are overpaying your estimated payments. We can also correct your W-4 if you are not withholding enough so that you don’t receive a tax bill next year.

The tax checkup is especially great for those who are sole proprietors, those who had huge refunds or amounts due last year, or anyone who has had a life change in the past year (moved, new job, new baby, etc). Oftentimes we don’t think about taxes until year end, and at that point, there’s not much we can do to fix the situation. Our tax checkup is $75. However, if we prepare your return the following year, the $75 is applied to your tax preparation fees. The tax checkup starts in July.